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It's hard to imagine what the world would be like without communication. It's everywhere around us. We communicate with our family and friends, with co-workers and employers, with those close at hand and, thanks to modern technology, with those far away. In today's society, thanks to Social Media, we even communicate with those we don't event know - unheard of except through the media even a few decades ago.

But many of us don't really understand the power of communication, and the power of marketing and media, and thus we don't know how to use them to our advantage. Consider a business owner/manager. Chances are that person spent some time in that line of work before rising to the top. He/she knows how to make the product or provide the service they offer. But relatively few are marketing experts so they don't truly understand how to get customers beating a path to their door. Nor should they. Likewise, many non-profit organizations, recreation groups, arts & cultural enterprises, etc. don't know the best way to get their message out - in the way they want it received. Thus, there's considerable frustration when it comes to dealing with marketing and the media. After all, every media rep who knocks on your door tells you theirs is the best way to get your message across. Of course they do; that's how they make their money. The end result is that people with far better things to do - and expertise in many other areas - spend far too much time fretting about making the right marketing and media choices, when they could and should be focusing on their own areas of expertise.

That's where MegaMedia comes in. We are a one-stop shopping service for all your media needs. We can help you devise a marketing plan for your business and then deal with the right media on your behalf. You never have to do that again - unless you want to. We can design your brochures and write the content for them, then have them printed at costs far below the norm. We can advise non-profits and other groups on how to get their message out through the media, write press releases, organize and publicize events - even conduct workshops on managing the media.

We take your worries away so you can focus on other things.

Yes, communication is vital in today's world. Let the MegaMedia team, with a total of more than 100 years' experience in all media fields, go to work for you. You'll breathe easier.


Anyone wondering what has happened to our education system doesn’t have to look much farther than Ajax, Ontario, where Grade 12 student Paul Gomille recently was suspended for writing and distributing a ‘love letter’ to women. Really? In this time of talk about violence against women, now we are punishing those who express love for women?

This young man wasn’t espousing perversions with the fair sex or objectifying women. Just the opposite. He says, in part, “Real attractiveness comes from having a certain dignity. It comes from having class. It comes from being true to yourself, being yourself, and being comfortable in your own skin. This message is for all young women within the sound of my voice and beyond. You're all beautiful. You all have inner beauty AND outer beauty.” He says women don’t need to objectify themselves by dressing revealingly or trying to imitate the anorexic female entertainers and movie stars society has placed on a pedestal. He talks about the qualities “that really matter” in a woman.

That’s worthy of suspension? Perhaps someone should investigate the officials at the Catholic high school he attended who suspended him. His complete letter is available at: www.durhamregion.com/article/1307949--paul-s-letter.

But let’s not assume such attempts to control the expressions of our youth are anything new. Those attending my senior high school in the mid-60s may recall a student who was suspended because he combed his hair forward to resemble the style sported by The Beatles – a tiny bang covering less than a third of his forehead. Schools and school boards have since spent considerable effort trying to dictate the clothing students wear and other statements of individuality, usually in the name of preventing “distractions” for other students. How interesting that they are doing this while at the same time saying that modern curricula are meant to encourage individual learning styles etc. Which is it, folks?

Perhaps educators would be better off if they tried to ensure that graduating students could read, write, spell and do simple math so they could get jobs. The scorn for grades is an example of the disconnection between most education systems and the real world. Educators say giving marks to students discriminates against those who don’t do so well academically and harms their self-image. Really? What is the real world like, a world in which we’re graded in one way or another every day in the workplace? We do students a great disservice by not preparing them for this eventuality. Or is it just because teachers don’t want to spend too much time giving marks?

There are many good, caring teachers, principals and school district administrators out there who really want to make a difference in their students’ lives. They strive to be innovative and they put in long hours. But if the goal is to train our students to have the basics they need in the world, as well as teaching them to be creative and solve problems, etc., then the system is flawed and it needs fixing. For decades education has been fixed with band-aids and it’s time for an overhaul. Our students deserve an education system that prepares them for today’s real world. Imagine what could happen if we started with a blank sheet of paper and reinvented education from scratch, instead of trying to make improvements within an outdated and ineffective model. Every parent, teacher and employer should be demanding this of government. And government should listen.

- Bruce Lantz



In my lifetime I have been left, centre and right in my political beliefs – in that order. But the state of Canadian politics, and indeed the world political stage, today makes me question the very foundation of those beliefs.

It seems that in this country, at least, we have moved away from the basic tenets of democracy, which sees informed and engaged voters elect politicians to represent them – men and women who go about their business with the needs and wishes of their constituents in mind. In a real democracy, we can rest assured that the business of the nation/province/municipality is being conducted with transparent decorum and honest intentions, with the interests of the electorate held to be paramount. In a true democracy, even political opponents treat each other with due respect as they are all in office because their constituents elected them.

But that no longer is the case. Instead, our politicians, with some exceptions to be sure, spend their time name-calling that would embarrass a kindergarten class and doing their best to ensure that they (a) move to the next rung on the political ladder in order to satisfy their personal ambitions; and/or (b) survive long enough to be entitled to a full pension at the taxpayers’ expense. Along the way they hop gleefully into bed with whatever special interest lobby seems likely to further the ends of (a) and/or (b) above. No longer do they represent the voters; they represent their own self-interest and the almighty party system, which dictates that regardless of what the constituents need and desire, votes will follow party lines at the expenses of all else.

The chasm between politicians and the voters they represent grows daily. Consider the crowing done by elected politicians of every stripe in the days following their election to office. In those heady days they trumpet the wisdom of the voters who were smart enough to see through their nefarious opponents and thus elect the good guys. Amazing how quickly that oh-so-smart electorate becomes unable to fathom the realities of government, the real issues at stake, and thus the voters (it usually takes about 90 days) no longer are consulted or even heard because apparently they have become stupid.

Think about it: When was the last time an MP or MLA held a town hall meeting just to hear what concerns their constituents? No, we have to make an appointment, one at a time, and go see them in their offices, where they control the environment. If they truly want to know what people think, why not invite them to the occasional public meeting, sit and listen without being defensive? Could it be they fear what they might hear? And look at municipal governments…while somewhat better, they still only tend to have public meetings required by law, such as at budget time. Local politicians should be easy to find – they’re based in the community, after all - but instead many rarely are seen in public places such as grocery stores or coffee shops once elected, unless it’s at an ‘official’ function. It’s as though they view public input as an unnecessary distraction.

Frankly I am sick to death of politicians who assume they know more, are somehow better, than the very people who put them into office. Politicians who assume that the letters ‘MP’, ‘MLA’, ‘Mayor’, ‘Chair’, ‘Councillor’ or ‘Director’ attached to their names somehow gives them the right to ignore the law, bend the law, break the rules and otherwise flout the very authority given them by the people they’re sworn to represent. They tout ‘accountability’ and then do their best to avoid it.

We are all, perhaps, somewhat guilty in this. The public first puts these politicos on a pedestal and then tears them down at every opportunity, forgetting, perhaps, as the politicians seem to do also, that these are just men and women, no better or worse than the rest of us. If we assume they are always wrong, we do them a disservice. If we assume they’re always right - and thus pay no attention - then we do ourselves a disservice. In the end, we have the right to expect and demand good service from our elected officials. But in many/most cases we aren’t getting it.

To some large degree I believe the party system is at fault. We should be voting for the person, not the party. I will vote for the man or woman who will represent the interests of constituents before the party. I will vote for the person who listens to the voters, the person who admits mistakes and tries to learn from them. Isn’t that what we all try to do in life? Learn from our mistakes?

Am I disillusioned with politics? No, just with self-serving politicians. Am I returning to the left where I started? Who knows? But if I do, it will be with a better understanding gained from years of sampling the good, the bad and the ugly of the political process. And it will be with the hope that the public can obtain the accountable representation it deserves from all levels of government.

- Bruce Lantz 

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